Yogi Footwear


Introducing the next best thing in mens footwear.


Haven’t heard the name?

Well pay attention!

Yogi are set to become a dominant force within the mens fashion industry and when it happens, you’ll regret not having heard about them sooner.

Read on.

Founded in the 1990s and handcrafted in Portugal, Yogi produce a variety of comfortable and stylish shoes – ranging from unlined moccasins to Spanish-leather shoes, to boots and sneakers.

If, like us, you have been a long time fan of the Clarks Originals’ Wallabee or Desert Boot, then Yogi is certainly a brand you need to check out.


Despite their relative youth, the history behind this distinctive brand is a rich one. Drawing inspiration from the design of the unconventional Earth Shoe, Yogi have gone on to become one of the most interesting shoe manufacturers around today, renowned for their superior footwear and leather.

Yogi have implemented a design feature of what they call a ‘Negative Heel’. This means the heel of the shoe is made slightly lower than regular shoes which not only gives a distinctive aesthetic but also allows secure alignment of the spine when walking, thus dramatically improving your posture.

With this in mind, Yogi footwear enables both comfort, improvement to your body as well as style .

Now, what more could you want?


Style, substance and sustainability are the watchwords of this footwear pioneer. Taking inspiration from the 1970s soul scene the brand have managed to capture the imagination of a specific moment through the resurgence of vintage styles and brands. They make for versatile additions to any wardrobe and take smart-casual footwear to the next level.

In a recent article published by The Times, Yogi’s emphasis on quality and craftsmanship was widely praised. “Yogi is a modern brand and modern means innovation: its “negative heel”, for example, helps to align the spine and improve posture by mimicking the way we walk on sand. Sustainability is at the heart of what Yogi does. It uses locally sourced materials and recycled shoeboxes to lower its carbon footprint, and limits the use of solvent-based adhesives through advanced design. All of which makes it a footwear brand fit for the 21st century.”

As Yogi’s popularity continue to grow so does their recognition. With famous stars such as Paul Weller, David Beckham and Noel Gallagher choosing Yogi as their footwear of choice.

The brand is on track to quickly become a brand that is not only stylish but an exclusive trend setter. Much like the 70s soul youth culture, Yogi has succefully embodied a distinctive element of British culture.

Dont get left behind. Visit Yogi Footwear Here




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