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~ Lifestyle Magazine for Men who give a shit ~



When you flick through any of todays prominent Menswear Magazines, you do so in the hope of being dazzled by new clothing releases and inspired by the high levels of ‘style’. But instead, you find PAGES AND PAGES worth of watch commercials that you never look at and boring politically-charged articles that you never read. Not to mention the numerous promotions of ugly, over-priced, technicoloured clothing items that you would never, EVER wear.

Unlike the top Magazines who only promote clothing items from the companies that pay them the most, we spend HOURS searching for items that are not only affordable and on-trend, but also items that we ourselves are wearing.

Our team are experts in fashion, film, music and politics. We share those hidden treasures the top-magazines often miss. These are findings that will make you dress better and think better.

If you’re not turning heads when you walk into a bar, then things are about to change!