The Rise Of Gurkha Pants


Sleek, Slim and the Best Investment You’ll Make All Year! 

“Gurkha Pants?” Never heard of them!

This is what many of you are undoubtedly thinking.

But dont worry! Its not your fault! This particular trouser is still very much under the mainstream radar. But I can assure you, it wont be for long!

Its popularity is rising. And rising fast! With some of Instagram’s most followed influencers falling in love with the Gurkha Pant and inspiring large sections of their followers to follow suite.

If I have any convictions in my predictions for the future, its that within a year the Gurkha Pant will become one of the highest demanded items amongst young men. Everyone will be wearing them. You’ll be wearing them. You’re mates will be wearing them. Even celebrities will be wearing them!

How cool would it be if you were one of the first? Imagine becoming the ultimate trend-setter!

Model: TheDonsClub, Trousers:Rubinacci

Time For A Long-Overdue Renaissance?

The history of the trouser is rooted deep within British Military tradition, specifically during the Anglo-Nepalese war, 1814, where the enemy were an elite fighting group called the Ghurkha’s. Now anyone who’s heard of Joanna Lumley will know about the Ghurkha’s and how they are recruited within the British armed forces. But this wasnt always the case.

I’m going to save you the history lesson, but lets just say that the British had an extremely difficult time beating them – despite having an army 6x bigger. When all was said and done, the British were so impressed by the combat prowess of the Ghurkha army, that they felt their own army would benefit from the same bravery and ferocity displayed by natives.

Their success was mainly attributed to their intricate knowledge of the terrain and their superior stamina borne out of living at a high altitude. Its because of these environmental conditions that Gurkha Pants were born, for they provided utility and comfort in harsh climates, all the while maintaining the required elegance expected of military personnel.

Igarashi Trousers

So, What Exactly Are Gurkha Pants?

“The pant is defined by its double-pleated front and high, cummerbund-style waistband with buckle fastenings. As is often the case with clothing derived from militaria, the specifics can vary. Traditional Gurkha pants feature a very distinct buckling system, with a buckle emanating from within the waistband on the left hip and an extension above the fly piece forming the buckle’s tongue for the right hip, although modern interpretations sometimes simplify this design, to their detriment. It’s not unheard of for Gurkha style trousers to have a double-buckle on each hip either, though woe betide you if you have to remove them with any semblance of haste.” The Rake


Why Buy Gurkha Pants?

First of all, they are visually striking and unlike any other trouser you’ve probably ever seen. Wearing them the right way, with your shirt tucked in, draws attention to a part of the body that many choose to neglect. The legs of course! The Gurkha trouser provides many physical benefits including making the wearer look slimmer, smarter and taller by making the legs the focal point of every outfit.

You’ve probably noticed the unique waistband. Its difficult to miss! The systemic buckling system not only provides ease for the wearer but also contributes to a great looking trouser. Its almost insulting not to show it off! Belts will become a thing of the past. The waistband also gives the trouser its sharp and distinct shape whilst giving the impression of wider hips, perfectly shaping the figure.


Best of all, however, is the versality the trouser provides. The fine tailoring that goes into manufacturing the Gurkha trouser creates an elegant piece of clothing suited both for formal and casual occasions.  Albert Clothing is a brand that manufactures matching blazer and trouser sets, suitable for office environments, whereas Craftsmanclothing and Cordone1956 produce singular items for more casual events. Having said this, there is absolutely no crime in mixing-and-matching. In fact, we fully advise you to!


Designed to give comfort in volatile environments, Gurkha Pants provide warmth in Winter and breathability in Summer. Perfect for all seasons, it’s easy to combine your new favourite pair of trousers with a thick jacket or just a plain simple t-shirt.

Every pair of Gurkha pants are complemented with a pair of brogues or loafers. No socks are preferable. For loafers, we recommend visiting Shutiq

Pini Parma
Pini Parma


Prices vary determining on manufacturer. You can grab a pair of Gurkha pants from AlbertClothing and Craftsmanclothing  for around £150. Pini Parma and Cordone1965 Gurka Trousers will cost you around £240 but expect to pay the more expensive price of £360 for trousers from Rubinacci.

Model: Ozan Erdogan



One thought on “The Rise Of Gurkha Pants

  1. With all the due respect, Rubinacci trousers are garbage. Purchased the cotton gurkha ones and figured I’d be ecstatic, given the publicity. Turns out it’s all social media shills going hard at it. The fabric felt cheap (too stretchy and paper thin but not very breathable, my dad’s coverall as a blue collar worker in the 90’s had better cotton), the construction half-assed (with the already minimal lining falling apart after a couple of wears and the zip getting stuck 24/7), the fit way too snug even sizing up (the taper is comical on these) and they were excruciatingly hard to get in and out of (with the filmsy buckles constantly on the verge of giving up). Truly underwhelming and felt like wearing an Aliexpress anime-inspired knock-off. Steering clear of the brand from now on. Lardini and PT01 is where it’s at, if you’re looking for RTW high rise trousers (Lardini makes Gurkha too), while waiting for the asian clothiers to figure out custom taxes for EU shipments.


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