Instagram’s Coolest Men’s Fashion Bloggers

It’s been nearly a decade since the fashion blogging phenomenon first kicked off, a trend first started by women and one that is now being utilised by men.

Digital Influencers have become something of intrigue in recent years, from Gamers to Fashion Bloggers, they get to travel the world, drive beautiful cars and live a life fit for a King (or Queen). Is it any wonder why individuals, tired of the daily commute and the monotonous 9-5, choose to jump ship and opt for this new kind of lifestyle design? I don’t think so.

In this case, we’re talking about the Men who are amassing thousands Instagram followers showcasing their unique sense of style.

Sometimes, men are just as in need of a little fashion pick-me-up as their female counterparts. Below are some Instagram accounts you should definitely keep your eye on. From suited-and-booted, to casual, these fashionistas know how to do it all.

1) Ozan Erdogan

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L O V E 💦💙

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2) Gabriel Cohen


3) Dennis VanPeel


4) Mustafa Kacar

5) Oli Benge

6) Johan Salomonsson


7) The Dons Club


8) Roberto Mararo

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Vacation mood … #mararoateliercapri

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9) Farid Sadrudin

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