Top-5 Highest-Rated Earplugs



Do you have difficulty sleeping at night? Do your ears hurt when you fly? Are you prone to swimmer’s ear? Do you attend noisy events or enjoy hunting? Are you a musician or do you attend a lot of concerts?

I know this sounds a little silly, but wearing ear plugs when writing is one of the most popular tricks used by writers!
It’s literally like having a superpower, because they can put ear plugs in, and instantly “be in their own little world.” Pretty sneaky isn’t it?

Gee . . . How many times do you moan about having a bad nights sleep? How many times do you hear other people moaning about having a bad nights sleep? Tiredness leads to less productivity and makes the day dragggggggggg on longer than it should.

When we are in lighter stages of sleep, sounds around us can more easily interfere with sleep. During these sleep stages, normal external noises, such as a phone ringing, a door slamming, or a dog barking, have a higher chance of waking us up.

The solution? Earplugs

With little development in the last forty years, foam ear plugs continue to provide the best external noise blocking.

They make you feel fresher in the morning and more alert during the day. Not only this but they are incredibly cheap!

Below are the best ear-plugs recommended by Amazon users.



1) Howard Leight Laser Lite Ear Plugs

“THE best ear plugs for small or sensitive ear channels”


“I have used many earplugs to get a good night’s sleep but these are the best so far. These earplugs are very comfortable and they are excellent at blocking noise. It turns a snoring significant other from warthog with a blocked nose to a gentle breeze in a few seconds. They are incredibly comfortable. To use them properly I found that you need to roll them up and while they are still rolled up insert them into the ear canal. They will then expand and hey presto, it’s a silent night like that old Christmas carol said.” Dave

Available Here 


2) Hush Plugz Silicone Earplugs


“Ear plugs that really work”


“These are brilliant. I’ve never been able to get ear plugs before that would stay in and that worked for me. I have the noisiest, most inconsiderate neighbours on earth. Dogs barking at all hours and a cockerel that crows from the crack of dawn. I am now able to block them out and the noise of an industrial fan that is keeping me cool in this heatwave. Thank you so much.” Alison


Available Here


3) Mpow 34db Soft Foam Ear Plug


“Great for a great night’s sleep”


“I bought these for sleeping as I live in an apartment and people would be banging doors, coming in late etc and I was constantly getting woken up but these blocked out all that noise and led to a perfect night’s sleep consistently. Highly recommended once you get used to the fitting.” John

Available Here


4) Hearos Ear Plugs – Xtreme Protection Series

“Best I’ve ever used, can’t sleep without them now.”


“I’m in the military and so find myself regularly trying to sleep in unusual places! I’ve become something of an earplug expert over the last couple of years and can honestly say these are my favourite, they are comfortable, easy to fit, and are able to dull the roar of even the closest helicopter so that I can get some sleep!” Lynn

Available Here

71Iq5mkSzZL._SL1500_5) Macks Pillow Soft Moldable Silicone Putty Earplugs

“The best!”


“These are the only ear plugs that have worked for me. The secret is in the sealing, pressing down the putty around the entrance to the ear canal, not pushing it inside. Once I understood this, my sleep was transformed and my relationship with my partner and family greatly improved.”


Available Here


Reminder :  Earplugs must fit properly and be worn correctly in order to do the job. If you are trying to get by with a poor quality or poor fitting ear plug, then you are doing yourself a disservice and could actually be causing more harm to your ears.


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