Stolt: The Finest Commuter Bag For Discerning Professionals



I am about to tell you a true story. If you believe me, you will be well rewarded. If you don’t believe me, I will make it worth your while to change your mind. Let me explain.

Last month I was on the train to work. As is customary, everyone was keeping themselves to themselves, heads down, not really taking notice of anyone around them.

At one station the train stopped, and a new batch of commuters got on. I instantly took notice of one of the new passengers, and so did the pretty blonde girl opposite me.

This man was by far the smartest-looking guy I had seen all week. The thing was, he wasn’t overly-dressed, in fact, he was just an ordinary guy.

So, how did he make such a big impact? Let me explain

It was the navy-blue box on his back. Its tidiness and simplicity. Its sharp edges defined. Without it, I doubt I would’ve noticed him at all! I had to ask him where he got it from.

“Stolt Running,” he replied. “Not too shabby” I said.

When I first saw the price, I was sceptical. But I bought one and was absolutely blown away. At £198 the Stolt Running Bag is truly a head-turner, built to endure. I couldn’t believe it. I kept putting it on and taking it off again, bouncing up and down with it on my back. The thing didn’t move! The navy-blue, cushioned frame is by far the most comfortable I’ve ever worn, and believe me, I’ve owned a lot of backpacks!

Now I get noticed everywhere I go. On the train. In the office. In the pub. Everywhere! When I enter, heads look up. And everyone asks the same question.
“Excuse me mate, where did you get your bag from?”

The STOLT difference lies in the high-quality materials, design and craftsmanship. It provides maximum enjoyment, comfort and protection. All STOLT bags are not only water-repellent and odour free, but they comfortably contour to any physique.

The bag comes with a robust garment box which gives it its sleek, tidy, sharp, design. Just look at the picture. It keeps my valuables undamaged and my clothes crisp and proper.

Before, I hated the way my bag lost it shape and slouched in on itself when there was little in it. It made me slouch too! It also kept toppling over whenever I put it down. But the garment box acts as a sort of internal skeleton. The STOLT bag always keeps it shape and never topples over when I put it down.

But there’s more…

Personally, I like wearing my STOLT bag on my back because It makes an impact faster, but the straps can be secretly hidden away allowing you to carry it without damaging your style.
Now. If you’re still reading this, it’s because you’re on a mission to impress, and that’s exactly what STOLT’s Business Set is going to do for you.
But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what others are saying:
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Wearing STOLT’s hot new bag will get you noticed. People will look at you and think, “He looks cool”, “He looks successful”. You HAVE to buy one and experience it for yourself. And It makes commuting to work so much easier!
Are you going to continue commuting to work with your old grubby sports bag? Or are you ready to use the next best thing? I urge you to order one and experience the incredible workmanship … Then take your old, limp work bag see how it compares.

Order yours for a 90-day free-trial, today. Global shipping available, Shipping to the U.K is Free.

STOLT Business Set – £198

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