Football Inspired Clothing Brands

To celebrate the start of the new football season we felt it right to pay homage to the underappreciated clothing brands inspired by the terraces.

Casual subculture was, and still is, a big part of British history. What began in the late 1970’s, it would later go on to rival the popularity of previous subcultures such as the Teddyboys, Mods and Punks. Essentially a subsection of football culture, it is often typified by football hooliganism, music, lifestyle and the wearing of expensive designer clothing exclusive to its adherents.

Over the years, we have seen the popularity of football subculture in numerous  box-office movies and best-selling books. Surely, its about time the clothing manufacturers had their turn.

Below are the clothing brands that best pay tribute to Casual Culture and that best represent the passion and lasting legacy it continues to wield.

Peaceful Hooligan


With their distinctive brand logo depicting a white dove carrying a splinter of barbed wire, Peaceful Hooligan find their inspirational from fun moments enjoyed over the years, from the early rave scene, to the football terraces and the laughs experienced along the way.

By combining these influences they have created a brand tailored to the way we live our lives, from misbehaving down the pub to following our colours around the country.


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Weekend Offender


What originally began as a side project in 2004 from a small Welsh town outside of Cardiff, Weekend Offender has become one of the leading brands in casual culture throughout Europe with celebrities like Liam Gallagher and Bez (Happy Mondays) seen sporting its products.  Regular customers often enjoy finding hidden treasures in their purchases, such as song lyrics sewn into labels .

Across Europe – in pubs, clubs and at the football – Weekend Offender has become a go-to brand for lads at the sharper end of the terrace.


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Terraces Dog’s Bollocks


Terraces are an Italian brand that pays tribute to the UK football scene and casual culture in general. They say their inspiration comes from the warmth of pubs, the wind that shakes the terraces, the cold concrete stands, the streets of London, the docks of Liverpool, the clubs of Manchester. Famed for their bobble-hats and scarfs Terraces have grown in popularity in the past year selling to customers all over Europe appearing in Stadiums from The Emirates to Turin. Certainly one to watch for the future.


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Pharabouth describe their goal perfectly,

“It all came about jokingly, while we were traveling on a train. It was one of those never-ending, tiresome journey between talk, beer and cigarettes. We came up with an idea, to have something that would identify us and at the same time render us different from the rest. Same with the name, which has no meaning in English, but was chosen for its catchy sound.”


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Three Stroke Productions


Starting out in 1997 in a South London basement, Three-Stroke Productions have definitely honed their skills over the years. Over the years they have been proud sponsors of countless events associated with Scooter, Britpop and music scenes – along with martial arts and combat sports, so much so that bands and sportsman form all over the world have adopted the brand.


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