Coup De Grace by Miles Kane (Review)




Has it really been five years since Miles Kane delivered his last solo album ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’? — well yes it is and time doesn’t half fly.

Music as we know it is on its way out. Thank God for people like Miles Kane who help soften the blow.

‘Coup de Grace’, Kane’s third record certainly does not disappoint. Recorded in Los Angeles and produced by John Congleton, Miles co-wrote seven of it’s ten tracks with his good friend Jamie T. What is essentially another routine, guitar-driven indie album, he also dips his toes into glam-rock, with successful results.

Mr Kane releases ‘Coup de Grace’ from the back of a 2 year stint touring the world with The Last Shadow Puppets, a band he founded with Arctic Monkeys frontman, Alex Turner, in which both act as singer/songwriter. With a new look and new band to match Coup De Grace has something for everyone; soppy ballads (Shavambacu), singalong classics (Coup De Grace) and classically Miles anthems (Wrong Side Of Life). It tells a story beautifully; the lyrics are painfully beautiful and the melodies are all so different and yet all so fantastic.  Many fans consider it to be possibly his best album yet.

Marc Bolan (T-Rex) certainly seems to be the primary inspiration throughout the album (Cry On My Guitar) although there are also emerging flashes of latter Mott the Hoople, Cockney Rebel and even a bit of Gary Glitter. Its retro, but definitely worth a spin.




Unsurprisingly, as Miles split up with his girlfriend during the making of this record, most of the songs deal with the subject of break-ups. The infectious, punk-tingled ‘Too Little Too Late’ is a great opener, followed by the edgy rocker ‘Cry On My Guitar’, and then we have ‘Loaded’, a collaboration with both Jamie T and Lana Del Rey, and an addictive tune which deserves to be a big hit.

Other stand-out tracks include the singalong ‘Wrong Side of Life’ which gives Miles’ voice real recognition, and he’s never sounded so angry or passionate, ‘Something to Rely On’ which has some very strong riffs, and is a typical Miles Kane song which wouldn’t seem out of place on either of his previous solo albums, and ‘Shavambacu’, a soft and tender note to end what is a great album.

With lots of variety of styles on offer, and Miles’ distinctive voice as appealing as ever, this is a great album which very well might be his best to date. There’s a real increase in energy, and the glam-rock and psychedelia vibes are welcome touches. Welcome back Miles, I look forward to seeing what you’re going to do next.

Listeners will find themselves immersed in another quality mix of upbeat and chilled out tunes which gets us more excited for the live gigs later this year. If you have never been to see Miles Kane, be sure to grab a ticket. You wont be disappointed.



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