STOP! Nutrition Mistakes That Keep You Fat

Sometimes, loosing weight seems an impossible task, that no matter what you do, you just cant seem to shed them pounds.

Starting today, use these simple steps, recommended from our personal trainer, to make your life better and start seeing great results within weeks.

These life-style hacks may sound incredibly simple, but try them out RIGHT NOW, and see if your life doesn’t start changing one day at a time.

Skipping meals or snacks – Not eating? Forget about it! This can mess with your bodies ability to control your appetite and also damage willpower. If you skip breakfast or a healthy snack you are more likely to slow your metabolism down and give in to a feast. Your brain needs fuel, without a stable energy release your brain will constantly feel tired, weak and want a quick fix – sugar.

Fix it – easy. Split your calories into three main meals, about 500 calories each and two snacks consisting of 100-200 calories. Don’t know how to do this? Get in touch, everyone’s calories differ.

Eating-fast – Do you ram your food down because your so hungry because you’ve skipped your last meal or snack. I want you to slow your eating down, savour it, enjoy the flavours. This will allow your body to process the food and stop eating when your full.

Fix it – Chew more slowly, sip water after each couple of mouthfuls, chat with family or friends.

Salty snacks – Foods like this can easily add up, popcorn, crisps, sometimes eaten unconsciously.

Fix it – Although difficult swapping your favourite snacks, try celery or carrots. Sometimes its the crunch were after rather than the flavour.


Drinking – A reasonable-sounding two beers a night can mean more than 2,000 calories a week—almost an extra day’s worth. It can take more than 2 hours of running to burn that off.

Fix it – Try quitting—for just a week. Check your weight and how your trousers fit. See if you can live on less. When you do drink, switch to lower-carb dry red wine (about 4 grams of carbohydrates compared with almost 13 in a regular beer) or low-carb beer.


Harry J Worrow

Instagram: @worrowharry11

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