Percival’s Fantastic New T-Shirt Collection

I have to tell you about these fantastic new t-shirts by PERCIVAL.

These days its hard to find the mark of truly authentic quality. But PERCIVAL’s fantastic collection of unique embroidered t-shirts are for real. Each shirt is made with 100% cotton and embroidered here in the UK.

There isn’t a man in the world who doesn’t own a white t-shirt. But you know what sucks about regular white t-shirts? They’re boring, monotonous, nothing special, merely a castaway garment. PERCIVAL are going to make you give you shit and make the white t-shirt one of your favourite go-to pieces. They offer a variety of polished and distinctive designs, from dinosaurs to spacemen, embroidered on high quality fabric.

Each T-Shirt is priced at £39 or buy 3 for £99.

Can you think of any other t-shirt so unique, so acceptable, so eye-catching?

View the collection Here


percival 2



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