The Finest Shearling Jackets From Blake Hedley

The man of action

has good reason

to be irresistibly drawn 

to the Shearling Jacket.

In warmth. In comfort. In style

 We love our Shearling Jackets during the winter months and lets face it, it seems like anyone who’s anyone owns one nowadays.

As we were scrolling through the interwebs we stumbled across this fantastic new brand, who specialise in handcrafting the finest shearling jackets. They are Blake Hedley, and we have been huge fans ever since.

They go to the effort of making each jacket by hand in their small, family run factory. All skins are of the highest quality and their artisans are complemented to be the best in their craft. And dont be expecting no mass produced nonsense, every jacket is made to order and manufactured within the UK. Your jacket will truly be one of a kind.

We believe they are the best around.

So go get an original Blake Hedley and see for yourself.

See the current collection below. Visit the shop HERE


the buckley black rebelThe Buckley Black Rebel 


the buckley bournvilleThe Buckley Bournville 


the buckley sandstormThe Buckley Sandstone 


the buckley black suedeThe Buckley Black Suede


buckley charcoalThe Buckley Charcoal


nelson bournvilleThe Nelson Bournville 


denby bournville suedeThe Denby Bournville Suede 


buckley bournville suedeThe Buckley Bournville Suede


denby charcoalThe Denby Charcoal


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